Kitchen Painting Ideas

Kitchen Painting Ideas You’ll Love

In many ways the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is also the room that may get the most attention in terms of applying new paint. This is because the kitchen is a source of heat and humidity which stresses the paint on the walls. Whether you need a new coat of paint or simply want to spruce up the kitchen, here are some great kitchen painting ideas that will not break the budget.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling

The ceiling is just as much a part of your kitchen as the walls. You can go with the traditional white and add some eggshell sheen to augment the walls of your kitchen. Or, you can be bolder and try a bright or emerald green that adds the illusion of height when you let the paint come down an inch or two on the walls.

Kitchen Painting Ideas - Ceiling

Earth Tones

If you are looking for an Old World appearance, something that reminds you of the past, then going with earth tones is the answer. You can paint your kitchen with a combination of terra cotta orange, bright golden yellow, and the green shade of grass or the blue of the sea to create a marvelous appearance that does not overwhelm the senses.

Kitchen Painting Ideas - Earth Colors

Hunter Green for Cabinets

If you are not sure what to paint your cabinets and lower areas of the kitchen, hunter green is a solid choice. It provides the illusion of depth and space which can help make your kitchen even more appealing. Plus, it works well if you have stone countertops such as granite in place. Hunter green is an excellent choice for those who want something bold, yet safe to paint their kitchen.

Kitchen Painting Ideas - Green Cabinets

Paint the Appliances

You do not have to leave your appliances bare as they can be painted as well. Imagine a different color for your refrigerator or dishwasher. You can select between bright, vibrant colors or go with a faux-metal finish that is quite striking.

Kitchen Painting Ideas - Appliances

Paint Your Cabinets Black

This is a rather bold idea that creates a modern feel to your kitchen. Besides the bold, sleek appearance, black is a very practical color as it can hide stains and scratches. Plus, there is something retro in Hollywood terms about having black cabinets. It also helps that black is a neutral color which means that it goes with several different color combinations, although white is also a popular choice. It helps that black and especially white paint is often less expensive compared to other colors.

Kitchen Painting Ideas - Black Cabinets

When in Doubt, Go Gray

Gray is not just a mixture of black and white, it may be the most neutral of all neutral colors. If you are totally stuck on ideas for painting your kitchen, gray is the perfect color choice. This is especially true if you have walls of brick or other natural surfaces on your kitchen instead of paint or wallpaper.

Kitchen Painting Ideas - Gray Walls

By utilizing one of the many great kitchen painting ideas, you can bring a new look while adding more protection to this part of your home. Plus, it can be the center of your redecorating effort that does not stress your pocketbook.

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