Painter consulting with a client looking at a color swatch matching a paint color already on a wall

How to Match a Paint Color Already on a Wall: Expert Advice

No matter how careful you and your family may be, there will probably be times in which the paint on the walls will be scratched, chipped, or otherwise removed. What that happens, knowing how to match a paint color already on a wall will save you considerable time, effort, and money compared to repainting the area.

While many may believe that simply keeping the old paint around for touch-ups will work, the truth is that when the paint is exposed it changes in color, albeit subtly. This means that adding the same paint from the can will be noticeable. It is generally better to start with different colors of paint that can be mixed to get the proper result.

Bring Paint Samples

One of the best ways to get the right color is to bring home some paint samples so you can compare the colors in the light. It helps if you know the brand of paint originally used, but it is not necessary to getting the right results.

Carve Out a Paint Sample from the Wall

This may sound drastic, but if you can cut a paint chip from the wall, you can take it to a paint specialist so they can match it. This is arguably the best way to find the closest color possible. And better yet, the specialist will do the work for you.

Ideally, you simply cut the paint from the same place that it is missing, such as a scratch, gouge, or chip that has already formed. You will need a sample at least 1 inch in size for this to work. If you know the brand of the paint, that will help.

At-Home Color Matching Tool

If you are loathe to cut out more paint, you can use an at-home color matching tool to find the right color. A proper tool is better than using a phone app which may not relay the proper color unless it is a high-quality app designed for that use.

Top view of brushes with colorful paint sample containers

Such tools can analyze the color using a sensor and create a precise reading. This will allow you to take the match to a specialist who can match it.

Take a Picture

Another method is to take a picture of the wall and bring it to a paint specialist. Be sure that the picture is taken without using a flash. Plus, that it shows the paint under natural light conditions. This will provide the specialist with a good idea of what the paint should look like. The result is that they can either match or come very close to matching the paint.

In such cases where the match is very close but not quite exact you may be able to get away with the results by painting the wall. By painting the one wall, it may be indistinguishable from the other walls in the room.

Understanding how to match a paint color already on a wall is a valuable skill to know. This means that you can make the proper repairs to the paint so that it looks like it has been untouched. And that means keeping money in your pocket that otherwise would be spent on repainting the interior.

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