Interior Painting Services in Pacific Palisades and the Surrounding Areas

Let’s discuss interior painting services for a few moments, as it’s a big part of what we do at Tilo Martin Painting.

In short, when you allow a professional painting contractor into your home, you have certain expectations. You expect that they will do the job right, that they will treat your home with respect and care, and that the finished job will be beautiful, devoid of any issues.

Interior Painting Contractor

Here is what Tilo Martin Painting offers you for interior painting services:

We Start by Meticulously Prepping the Area

A great paint job starts with the prep work. Sadly, too many painting contractors skimp on this, or omit it altogether. Not us – exceptional prep work is a standard part of our interior painting service. Sanding, taping, and priming all go a long way in ensuring the final product looks great today and tomorrow. Plus, we begin every job by covering your floors, furniture, and any adjacent areas. This keeps everything safe and clean.

We Do All Interior Jobs. Even the Hard Ones

Not only will be bring warm, beautiful color to your interiors, we can satisfy your every whim. Want three colors in that high stairwell? No problem at all!

Trust and Professionalism

We are full insured, and our workers are nothing short of professional, in every way. We work in some of the finest homes in the world, and our touch makes them even more beautiful.

Drips? Not Here!

This neatness carries over to the paint job itself. There will be nary a drip, drop, run, or anything similar. We’re neat to a fault, and will not be satisfied until your home looks better than it did when we arrived. Your belongings, floors, rugs, and everything else will be spotless.

Neatness Counts

Sanding is often a part of painting. But it’s messy, so many contractors either skip it, or get your home all dusty. We’re not only prepared to sand, we’re prepared for the dust, and take careful steps to limit and eliminate it (like, as mentioned above, covering the floors and furniture).

Top Quality Paint

We use Benjamin Moore Paint, which is, in our opinion, the best paint in the business for many applications. We also use Fine Paints of Europe, Farrow & Ball and other specialty paints.

Are you ready to experience what a truly beautiful paint job can do for your home’s interior? Use the quick estimate form, or contact us here, and we’ll do the rest.

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