Bathroom Paint Color Trends for Your Interior in 2024

Bathroom Paint Color Trends for Your Interior in 2024

The bathroom is a place of privacy and rejuvenation. It’s the place where you can refresh and get ready for the day or retire for the evening. Which is why the right color of paint can make all the difference. What follows are popular bathroom paint color trends for 2024. A selection of colors that can bring out the best in your bathroom.

Choosing the Right Color

When it comes to current color trends, you will need the proper foundation to consider which ones will work in your bathroom:

  • Hardware Style
  • Lighting
  • Atmosphere

Hardware Style: The hardware in your bathroom consists of the shower head, faucets, towel bars, and other accessories. If you use paint that matches the hardware, it will blend in and create a unique atmosphere. However, if you use paint colors that oppose the hardware, it will provide a sharp contrast.

Lighting: Consider that color is reflected light, so your light bulbs are a good place to start. The degree of cold or warmth emanating from the color temperature of the lights will have a profound effect on the paint color. Cool lights add a touch of blue, while warm lights add a touch of yellow. Use a color sampler under the lights in your bathroom to see which ones work best.

Atmosphere: You can augment the atmosphere you are creating by choosing non-traditional colors that are currently popular trends. Variations of caramel, tan, and coral have proven to be strong trends not only for 2024, but for many years before. Think about the entire room when choosing the colors to create a proper atmosphere.

Light Neutrals & Cool Tones

Bathroom Paint Color Trends for Your Interior in 2024

It’s not surprising that cool colors are a popular trend for bathroom paint in 2024. They have been a top item for many years. The mixture of greens and blues, especially mid-tone blues are hues that stand the test of time. Especially the lighter shades which can create a relaxing, yet rejuvenating mood.

For those who want something even more traditional, light neutrals such as gray-greens, gray-blues, off-whites, and even whites are also quite popular. White may be the most timeless of all bathroom color trends.

Getting Started

Bathroom Paint Color Trends

Everything begins with what you want to change in the bathroom. You may be looking for a new paint color or you may be considering a complete remodeling effort. Start with the basics which form around the color you want:

  • Select the Paint Color
  • Match or Contrast the Hardware
  • Augment or Replace the Lighting

Cool tones have the advantage of being simpler to mix and match while light neutrals offer a balance that you can build your ideas around. By starting with the color, you can see if the lights and hardware need to be changed. Then, you can work on creating the right atmosphere for your bathroom.

By choosing one of the more popular bathroom paint color trends for this year, you can create an up-to-date appearance for your bathroom. Plus, make the room one where you can freshen up and face the day.

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