Should I Repaint My House Before Selling It

Should I Repaint My House Before Selling It?

If you are considering putting your home up for sale, there are things you can do to increase the property value. Of the many choices available, the question that arguably most homeowners ask is should I repaint my house before selling it? The answer will depend on a few factors, but a freshly painted home may boost the sale value of your property.

Property Evaluation

Before running out to buy paint, the first step should be to do a proper evaluation of your home. Look over both the interior and exterior of your house. Look for any signs of aging or wear which might detract from its appearance. Note such areas, take photos if possible, and send them to your real estate agent. An experienced real estate agent can help you identify areas that might need addressing.

Unless there is something noticeably wrong, a home that was properly painted in the past year or two should be in good condition. You will want to pressure wash the exterior and clean the interior to bring out the beauty of the paint, but otherwise you should not have to repaint the home itself.

Painting the Exterior

Some homeowners overlook the exterior of their houses compared to the interiors. While the main part of the selling takes place with the interior, the exterior is the curb appeal. The outside of your home creates the first impression for the potential buyer. If they see something wrong, then that will impact their view of your home.

Your home should be painted in neutral colors if possible. You want something inviting, but not too colorful as that might be interpreted as garish. In addition to the walls, do not forget the fence, deck, and garage door. If these areas need to be addressed, do so.

Painting the Interior

Now that you have completed the exterior, its time to go inside. The emphasis should be on clean and fresh, as if this is the first time the home has been up for sale. The first step should be to repair any damage. Next, focus on the high traffic areas and especially the kitchen and bathroom. These are the two rooms which most buyers will go to first, so be sure that they are properly painted.

What is the Best Color to Paint my House?

You cannot go wrong with white paint or offshoots of white as that lends an air of cleanliness to the home. Be sure that there is continuity between the main rooms and hallways so as not to detract from the sale of your home. Bedrooms can be more personalized but remember that the buyer is trying to see themselves in the home, so anything you can do to de-personalize it will help.

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Will New Painting Provide a Return on Investment (ROI)?

The answer to the question, should I repaint my house before selling it is yes. But that is if your home really needs a new paint job. A fresh look, a fresh scent can really make a difference in how buyers perceive the condition of a property as a whole.

One Last Thought

Make sure when hiring a professional painter, to work with an insured company that comes highly recommended in your community, and the painter you are hiring has workers compensation insurance.

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