Paint Colors Inspired by Nature

Bringing the Outdoors Inside: Paint Colors Inspired by Nature

If you are looking to change the interior design of your home, consider using nature-inspired paint colors. Such colors add a timeless beauty to your home, especially in areas where people gather. What follows are a few types of paint colors that you can add which bring the beauty of the outdoors to the indoor areas of your home.

Garden or Fresh Green

Perhaps no color is more associated with nature than green. The color of the grass and leaves during the warmer months, the various shades of green available can warm up your interior décor. A few of the more appropriate shades of natural green include the following:

  • Organic Green
  • Sage Green
  • Garden Fresh
  • Bright or Yellow Green
Paint Colors Inspired by Nature: Fresh Green Interior

Organic green colors generally include blue or gray for undertones. They are perfect for living and dining areas. Sage green is a popular color for the kitchen. While garden fresh and yellow green can be used to brighten any room.

Sky or Ocean Blue

Paint Colors Inspired by Nature: Ocean Blue Interior

You can reflect the sky or the ocean in your home by using the right shades of blue. Blue brings with it the sense of open sky, cool ocean waves, and the tranquility that comes with the sky and sea. The types of blue variations you can use include but are not limited to the following:

  • Aqua
  • Azure
  • Baby Blue
  • Teal
  • Turquoise & More

You can use touches of blue to highlight a room or build a theme around the color. Sky and sea themes are quite popular, especially for those living along the coast. However, you can use blue just about anywhere. From the nursery to the bedroom, hallways, and even living areas the color blue and its many shades make the perfect addition.

Earth Brown

Paint Colors Inspired by Nature: Earth-Brown Interior

Earth brown colors were quite popular in the late 1960s through the late 1970s. But unlike the deeper tones of earth brown, you can lighten it up by adding touches of blue, red, or yellow to the brown mixture. Look for browns of the same temperature, but with different undertones to create a unique look for each room, but a unified décor for your home.

Deeper browns are perfect for living areas and the bedroom. While lighter browns are better suited for the kitchen and hallways.


You may be thinking different shades of yellow by turning any room into a sunroom. Pale and mid-tone yellows are perfect for enhancing the morning light, which is why such golden hues are well-suited for the bedroom or guest room.

You’ll need to add an eggshell sheen or semi-gloss to bring out the natural appearance. However, if that is a bit too reflective, then going with a matte finish is probably the best approach. Sunrise is perfect for the bedroom, kitchen, and hallways, especially if you love the light it brings.

There are several nature-inspired paint colors and combinations that you can use. Plus, they can be combined into a single theme for the home or separate themes for each room.

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