Latest Color Trends for Bathroom Walls

Discover the Latest Color Trends for Bathroom Walls, Ceilings, and More

Given the cost of a typical remodel, especially for a bathroom, many homeowners are opting for a more budget-friendly approach. By adding a couple of coats of new paint, you can give your bathroom a whole new look. It helps to better understand modern color trends for bathroom painting, so you can make the best-informed choice.

What follows are some of the more popular trends in color for bathroom. Note that this is not a complete list, but it does cover some of the most popular choices for bathroom walls, ceilings, and more.


Latest Color Trends for Bathroom Walls

For many, black is not the first color choice that comes to mind. However, it has risen in popularity over the past few years for some interesting reasons. Black is quite modern, a sleek choice that combines both a new and retro fee. When used with other colors, particularly white, it can really bring out the best in a bathroom. Other interesting combinations include metallic hues that provide a futuristic, yet lived-in feel. For the best results, combine black with white and grey tones to really make the theme pop.


Latest Color Trends for Bathroom Walls

You may be surprised to learn that burgundy was far and away the most searched on Google for bathroom color trends. It has become one of the most popular choices of color perhaps because of its bold qualities. However, too much can be quite overpowering, so it is suggested that the use of burgundy be complimented by adding towels and a bathmat of lighter colors to offset the red shade of burgundy.

Mint Green

Latest Color Trends for Bathroom Walls

Another surprising choice, but perhaps the growing trend for mint green harkens back to its heyday in the 1960s and 1970s. This color choice does invigorate the bathroom, providing a feeling of springtime and freshness that is quite attractive. Perhaps the best place to put the mint green coloring is by the use of tiles. While tiles are more expensive than painting, it does bounce the mint green color onto the walls and ceiling. When complimented by the right window dressing, then this color can really take off.

Other color trends include coral, lemon, and tan. Tan seems to always be a popular trend for bathrooms. But it may be getting more attention recently thanks to how it can brighten up a bathroom. Coral and lemon are interesting choices as they provide a tropical feel. You can turn your bathroom into a tropical paradise with the right combination of coral, tan, and other complimentary colors.

The key is to find the right base color and compliment it with other colors for your bathroom. This can mean using plants that add plenty of green or perhaps a wood coloring that really compliments the base color of your bathroom. The number of combinations are considerable, but you can start with one of the latest trends as the base and work your way from there.

The best color trends for bathroom start with finding the right tone that matches your home, compliments the décor, and will last for years.

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