Protecting Your Home: The Importance of Quality Exterior Paint

Protecting Your Home: The Importance of Quality Exterior Paint

While many people view exterior paint on their home as a touch of style and personality. The truth is that using high quality exterior paint provides a layer of protection that can help extend the life of their house. Good exterior paint not only resists the elements, it can also ward off mildew and fungus, meaning that your home is protected for longer.

To find the best quality exterior paint, it is helpful to understand what makes it different from interior paint that is used in the home.

Interior and Exterior Paint: What is the Difference?

Interior paint is like exterior but does have different materials that are aligned with the needs for the inside of the home. Interior paint is designed to resist stains and be easier to clean. While exterior paint is formulated to ward off moisture, fungus, and mildew.

While both types of paint have similar resins, solvents, pigments, and additives, each type of paint has its own unique characteristics. For exterior paint, it is the resins that make it different from its interior counterpart.

The resins in exterior paint allow it to resist the elements to a far greater degree compared to interior paint, which is not expected to be exposed to the wind, rain, snow, and other precipitation. In addition, exterior paint is formulated to resist extreme temperature changes as well. This means that the colors will not fade as fast because of exposure to sunlight.

Bottom line, the resins in exterior paint are softer so they can withstand extreme conditions. Interior paint has harder resins that allow it to be more stain resistant.

Why Use Quality Exterior Paint?

There are good reasons why you should seek out the best exterior paint for your home. The difference between a quality exterior paint and an inferior one is more than just the initial cost. By not investing in a proper paint product, you may be adding considerable cost in the future to protecting your home.

Layer of Protection: A good quality exterior paint not only resists the elements, but it also turns away pests, debris, and even small animals that might otherwise try to get inside. This type of paint helps prevent cracks that otherwise might open to expose the interior of your home to invasion. The rotting of the wood is prevented when you coat it with a good exterior paint.

Cost-Efficient: It’s not how much the paint costs you when it is purchased. It is how much the paint will cost you five to ten years after it is applied that you need to consider. By paying for high quality exterior paint today, you can ward off issues that a lower quality paint may not prevent. Home maintenance through occasional touch-ups may prevent thousands of dollars in terms of repairs from happening when using the right paint.

Curb Appeal: Whether you plan on selling your home or not, the visual difference in using high quality exterior paint is quite noticeable. Because the colors maintain for longer periods with less cracking, your home can be the showcase of your block thanks to the appeal that the paint provides.

Be sure to get high quality exterior paint to ensure that your home is properly protected and has the curb appeal that you desire.

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