Staining Cedar Wood Shingles

Staining Cedar Wood Shingles: How to Restore Natural Finish

There is an inherent beauty to shingles made of cedar wood. They really stand out and help augment the appearance of your home. However, they can fade over time if not properly protected. It is why staining cedar wood shingles can help restore and preserve their natural appearance for many years to come.

Preparing the Cedar Shingles

Before you can stain the shingles, you will need to clean them. A good power washing will remove most, if not all the loose debris that may have collected in the shingles. After a thorough washing, you will need to follow this process:

  • Window Masking
  • Cosmetic Repair
  • Sanding

Washing the shingles is important not only to clean away the loose debris, but also to help remove stains from the surface. A mix of bleach, detergent, and water can help flush away the stains without damaging the shingles themselves. Just keep the amount of bleach to a minimum.

Now, you will need to mask the windows, trim, and other areas next to the shingles that you want to protect from the stain. Any repairs on the shingles should be carried out afterwards. This way, you can have it ready when the repairs are completed.

Finally, sand the shingles to roughen them up a little. This will help the stain sink into the shingles and allow the clear finish applied afterwards to stick better to the surface. Once you have completed the sanding, take a little time to inspect your work. You’ll want to ensure that all the shingles have been washed, repaired, and sanded before you apply the stain.


Now you are ready to stain the shingles. You’ll need to create a uniform finish if you want the best results. Keep in mind that staining is not the same as painting, even if the methods are similar. Use the appropriate stain and start by applying the same amount to every shingle. You can do this by counting the brush strokes.

Use the same number of strokes for all shingles. That way, you can avoid dark spots. You may have to back brush or back-roll depending on what you are using to fully cover the shingles, so they are protected. Remember that stain does not penetrate the wood in the same manner as paint, so you will need to ensure that all the shingles are covered while maintaining a uniform quality.

Once you have finished staining, apply a clear finish which will add extra protection. The finish should seal in the stain, so that it can hold up against the sun and the elements. Plus, since the finish is clear, it will not disrupt the beauty of the stain itself.

Staining cedar wood shingles is not a purchase, but an investment into your home. By protecting the wood shingles, you are enhancing your property and providing protection that makes it more attractive to potential buyers. Even if you are not planning on selling your home anytime soon, staining the cedar wood shingles is a great way to reduce possible repair cost if left untouched.

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