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Professional Exterior Painting Services in Pacific Palisades and the Surrounding Areas

Your home is your largest investment. And an exterior paint job by Tilo Martin Painting will not only look beautiful, but it will protect your investment for years.

There is a difference in Pacific Palisades Painting Contractors. If you want a beautiful exterior paint job, top quality materials, a job done right, and professional workers you can trust, then Tilo Martin Painting is your first and only choice for all of your painting needs.

Here is what sets Tilo Martin Painting apart for exterior painting services:
    • Neat, Meticulous Prep Work – A great paint job starts with the prep. The surface must be clean, sanded (if needed), and ready to accept fresh paint. Preparation is 80% of a beautiful paint job. We make sure your home’s exterior is fully prepared for a paint job that will stand the test of time.
    • A Safe, Clean Jobsite – We’re as neat as they come. All adjacent areas are covered, debris is removed, and our workers are highly trained in not only painting, but safety as well. Your home is in great hands.
    • Top Quality Paints and Primers – We use Benjamin Moore Paint, the best paint in the industry. We also use the right primers for stucco, wood, and metal, and ensure that your home will look like a (hundred) million dollars!
    • We Paint Your Home’s Exterior, and Anything Else – Fences, foundations, sheds, a kid’s playset or jungle gym, a retaining wall… anything exterior (or interior) we can handle. Any surface is fine as well – metal, concrete, brick, stucco, and (of course) wood – we do it all.
    • Professionalism, and Full Insurance – We’re fully insured, and you won’t meet a more professional, friendly crew than Tilo and his workers.
    • The Beautiful Results You Are Looking For – In the end, you want a paint job that makes you smile when you come home. A paint job that makes your house really stand out, but also blend in. A paint job that says “yes, that was worth doing” – that’s the type of paint job Tilo Martin Painting does.

We’ve painted some of the finest homes in the world, and we’re ready to paint yours as well. Use the quick form above, or contact us here, and we’ll do the rest.

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